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How to Use Call Recording

Learn how to use the call recording feature when placing a call in the Cloudphone.com mobile app.

It’s easy to use the Cloudphone.com call recording feature. All you have to do is sign up for an account (which you can try risk-free for 30-days with our money-back guarantee), and you’ll have the option to record any call. 

Simply hit the “Record” button when you’re on a call and our platform will automatically start recording the call. You will then be able to access your recordings in the mobile app or web portal, or find them in your email inbox. 

Pause-Resume Recording 

Our call recording feature also enables you to pause and resume the recording when necessary. This comes in handy when a caller is providing confidential information.

How to Access Your Recordings 

To access your recordings in the web portal, select ‘Activity’ from the navigation menu on the left side and choose Recorded Calls. This will lead you to another page where you can manage and listen to all of your recordings.

To access your recordings in the mobile app, select “Activity” in the bottom left corner of the screen This will take you to a new screen that displays your calls in three different tabs – All (your call activity), Voicemail, and Recorded. Select the Recorded tab to find and manage your recorded calls. 

FYI – your call recordings will be automatically sent to the email address and number associated with your account.