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How to Set Up Blast Texts

Learn how to set up your blast texts in the Cloudphone.com desktop and mobile portals.

Blast texts allow you to reach all of your subscribers at once, making them a great tool for scaling your business. Imagine being able to send ONE text message and reach HUNDREDS or even THOUSANDS of customers at once… that’s a pretty neat trick.

Here’s how to set up your blast texts in Cloudphone.com.

On the desktop portal: 

1. Sign into your Cloudphone.com account
2. Select Texting from the navigation menu on the left-side.
3. Select Blast Text. 
4. Choose the subscriber list you would like your blast text to reach.

5. Type out your message, or scroll down to choose from a number of pre-written templates. 

6. Choose the date, time and time-zone you want your text to send, or select Send Now to immediately text your subscriber list.

7. You can Send Test to see how your text will look on your phone. 

On the mobile app: 

1. Sign into your Cloudphone.com app.
2. Select Messages from the bottom navigation menu.

3. Select Text Marketing, and then select New Blast Text.
4. Follow steps 4 through 7 above. 

For more blast text examples, check out our texting templates here.