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How to Set Up a Text Auto Response

Learn how to configure your text auto responses, so you can reduce the number of interruptions from your day.

Auto-response texts can help you big time when it comes to automating your most frequently asked questions and eliminating repetitive phone conversations. 

Here’s how to set it up in Cloudphone.com.

On the desktop portal: 

1. Sign into your Cloudphone.com account

2. Select Texting in the navigation menu.

3. Select Auto Responses

4. Select New Auto Response.

5. Choose a keyword that will work as the trigger to activate your Auto Response.  

6. Type out the message you would like to send. 

7. Don’t forget to save!

On the mobile app: 

1. Sign into your Cloudphone.com app.

2. Select Messages, and then Text Marketing

3. Select Auto Responses.

4. Follow steps 4 through 7 above.

Here are some great auto response examples to spark your creativity: 

  • Use the keyword HOURS to send a text with your hours of operation. 
  • Use the keyword DIRECTIONS to send a text with directions to your store. 
  • Use the keyword BOOK to send a link to your calendar so someone can easily make an appointment. 
  • Use the keyword QUOTE to send a breakdown of your pricing and services. 
  • Use the keyword JOIN to enable people to subscribe for future updates.
  • Use the keyword MENU to send a link directly to your restaurant or service menu. 

You can add these keywords to your website or social media bios for your contacts to easily find them. This will not only help them find the information they’re looking for quickly, but it will automatically opt them in to receive texts from you – which you can later use to engage them. 

Using auto-response texts can help your customers or clients find exactly what they need without calling you and interrupting your workflow. It’s a win-win!