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How to Configure the Call-to-Text Feature

Learn how to set up the call-to-text feature to enable callers to switch to texting from your receptionist menu.

Our call-to-text feature (or sometimes referred to as IVR to text) is a favorite amongst Cloudphone.com users. This essentially allows your callers to switch from calling to texting directly from your automated receptionist menu. 

We love this feature because it reduces the amount of calls and repetitive conversations! Yay for saving time and staying focused.

Here’s how to set up the call-to-text feature in Cloudphone.com:

On the desktop portal: 

  1. Sign into your Cloudphone.com account.
  2. Select Receptionists from the navigation menu on the left. 
  3. Select Manage My Receptionists and click the receptionist you would like to edit.
  4. Scroll down to the Menu and select which number you would like to use for the call-to-text feature (you can set this up for multiple numbers). 
  5. Select Add or Edit, if you’re editing a menu option that is already set up. 
  6. From the Select Action drop-down menu, choose Send a Text Message
  7. Type out the message you would like sent when your customers choose this option. 
  • Advanced Settings will give you the option to Play Audio Confirmation Message, which you can edit.
  • You can also change the language, voice, and speed of the message.

8. Select from the Next Action drop-down menu to choose what you would like to happen next, which can be any of the following:

  • Repeat Greeting
  • Connect to Extension
  • Connect to Phone Number
  • Connect to Voicemail 
  • Connect to Another Virtual Receptionist

9. Don’t forget to save! 

On the mobile app: 

  1. Sign into the Cloudphone.com app. 
  2. Go to Settings in the bottom right corner.
  3. Select Receptionists and choose the receptionist you would like to edit.
  4. Follow steps 4 through 9 from above. 

Call-to-text Feature Examples 

This feature can be used in a number of creative ways! Check out these examples:

Press 2 to book a consultation. 

“Thanks for your interest in working with us! Please follow this link to book time directly in my calendar: www.calendly.com/example.”

Press 3 to buy tickets to our next event. 

“Upcoming Event: Claude and the CloudPhones at The Automation Cafe; Thursday 5/12/22 @ 6pm; Buy tickets here → www.yourlinkgoeshere.com”

Press 4 to receive a text with our pricing chart. 

“Thanks for your interest in Claude’s Rug Cleaning. Here is a breakdown of our pricing:
For rugs 2x3ft to 3x5ft– between $200 to $350 plus tax; For rugs 4x8 – between $350 to $450 plus tax; For larger room rugs, over 6ft – $500 or more plus tax. Prices may vary depending on condition and material.” 

Some conversations are just easier over text. With our call-to-text automation, you can easily redirect callers to your text inbox without ever even answering the phone.

So if you’ve ever wished someone would’ve just texted you instead of calling – this feature is for you!